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Our Aims & Objectives

To among other things, re-orientate, sensitize, teach and help individuals, groups, organizations, government agencies, the general public, teachers and students understand the broad sense and essence of peace within the society. These include matters of Patriotism, Conflict prevention, Conflict handling, Conflict analysis, Conflict resolution, Disaster Management, effective Communication, Negotiation, Conciliation, Facilitation, Mediation, religious tolerance and other means of Alternative Dispute Resolution and spectrum, understanding the fact that peaceful coexistence is a task for everyone.


1:- To set up alternative Dispute Resolution Initiatives to reduce and end conflict between any individual or groups within and outside the country. These methods include Mediation, Conciliation, Negotiation, Facilitation and other means of alternative Dispute Resolution.

2:- To professionally serve as an arm of Peace and Conflict Resolution for Organizations, individuals, government agencies, groups and whoever seeks such services.

3:- To be consulted for Peace Initiatives and help in matters of Conflict handling, Conflict analysis, Disaster Management, ADR Spectrum, effective Communication, Negotiation, Conciliation, Facilitation, Mediation and other means of Alternative Dispute Resolution by groups, individuals, families, government agencies, companies, governments and whosoever needs or requires such expertise.

4:- To support and be committed to the 2030 Agenda and support the Goals of the  United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) and also the aspirations and goals of Agenda 2063 of the African Union (AU).

5:- To partner with individuals, groups, bodies, organizations, government agencies, governments, NGOs, CSOs and other related bodies in carrying out peace initiatives, promoting different means, ideas and processes of national cohesion, peaceful coexistence, Peace building, Conflict Resolution, reconciliation moves and other objectives that reflect peace initiatives.

6:- To teach, train, certify, sensitize and orientate the public, particularly the youth on  leadership, civic education, patriotism, non violence and other Peace building initiatives.

7:- To conduct researches that identify limitations to Peace, peacebuilding and other forms of Dispute Resolution and also develop new means, modes and methods of  Peace building, alternative Dispute Resolution and permanent end to conflict.


Integrated and systemic approaches to conflict resolution and peace building:


— Accountability

— Excellence

—Respect for diversity and dignity of humans


—Non-violent means resolution of conflict

– Relationship, Partnership and Collaboration without discrimination based on gender, tribe, race color or any other form of discrimination.

— Working with the mindset that every conflict or dispute can be solved and there is no conflict dispute or fight too big to end.

— Humanity’s interest must be put above and before any personal interest at any point in time.

— Taking lead roles as examples to others on every matter that fosters Peace and Unity in the society


Our Team

Peace & Unity


Hon. Titilope Adebayo

BOT Member


Aderemi Omowon (DVM,MSc Epizoology)

BOT Member


Koleade Omowon

Director Of Programs


Cynthia Achodor

Project Director


Ukaogo Uche

BOT Member


Adebobola Omowon (JP, ChMC, AICMC, Mspsp)

Executive Director


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