Peace In Africa



Peace in Africa seems to be something without deep roots. The very peaceful continent has in recent time experienced much violence, conflict, extremism and terrorism. Africa has tried in ensuring their resolve for peace does not dwindle, setting out measures to guarantee peace most of which have been put to place after such violence must have erupted.

I feel peace in Africa as a continent has suffered set back because of the lack of visionary leaders who are unable to put in place measures to prevent conflict but rather, spend so much in curbing conflicts when they occur.

The saying “prevention is better than cure” remains true and cannot be overemphasized. Before there can be true Peace in any society, particularly in Africa, measures must be in place to give the citizenry an understanding of the concept of ‘Peace’, making sure there are things put in place that will disabuse the mind from any thought of conflict, with measures set to promote peaceful living and a peaceful state of mind rather than waiting for Conflicts to occur before rolling out machinery to bring about peace.


            “Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed” — UNESCO.


The only way through which such a society can be changed is to fix and change the system from the very roots which serve as the connecting chain to the society. For this system to be fixed, the element and promotion of individuality at the expense of togetherness must be attacked and stopped.

As a common place in the society today, everyone rely solely on the government to be the propagators of peace within the society. The task for Peace in the society is quite big for the government alone to handle. For every society to work, there are some scientifically recommended Peace Tracks that must all be in full swing before a society can be said to be on a path of Peace and ready to mitigate challenges of conflict. All these tracks must be working together for the promotion of peace.

There is a growing need for building minds and arresting the thought of conflict rather than arresting or curbing the effects after such conflicts must have erupted. There must be adoption of ways through which strategic prevention of crime and conflicts are put in place rather than find ways to arrest or cure conflict when it breaks out. This is a new model adopted in the security sectors of different parts of the world today particularly on internal security issues, this is known as the Comprehensive Approach Concept (CAC). This is also similar to the Multi track diplomacy approach in Peace and conflict studies which shows the broad sense of coming together to establish peace.


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