Efforts To Ensure Peace


Efforts to ensure peace have continually increased with age and time. Conflict is not confined or restricted to a particular place as different places have had their fair share of violence or its effects. Bodies, groups and platforms for peace have increased in recent times.

Fellowships, programs, advocacy, humanitarian contributions, social media platforms and many more have continually spread the message of peace which has awakened and brought the knowledge of peace closer to people as well as their understanding of it. People have felt the message of peace and its impact through such programs, advocacy, posts, and expression of love or humanitarian assistance.

To improve peace activism, the push for peace must be all-encompassing, must not be restricted and must cut across barriers. This means a wider reach to people who can serve as Peace Ambassadors, a wider reach to people who can mediate and settle disputes, partnering with government agencies and relevant stakeholders to contribute their own quota in the propagation of peace in a sustainable form.

As a common place in the society today, everyone rely solely on the government to be the propagators of peace within the society. The task for Peace in the society is quite big for the government alone to handle. For every society to work, there are some scientifically recommended Peace Tracks that must all be in full swing before a society can be said to be on a path of Peace and ready to mitigate challenges of conflict. All these tracks must be working together for the promotion of peace. This is called ‘MULTI TRACK DIPLOMACY’. These tracks are therefore needed to be activated, each track made aware of their role, to create a chain effect of Peace and Security within the society.

The different tracks that must be functional in Multi-track Diplomacy include the government, non-governmental organizations and professional conflict resolution experts, business organizations, private citizens, research training and education, activism, religion, funding and at the center of all the tracks, the media.

These different tracks must simultaneously play their roles before a society can be said to be on a path to a peaceful society. These various tracks must be engaged. The realities of Internal Security challenges today have proved that the benefits of cooperation and collaboration for Peace building outweigh the cost. The society is an expression of a connected system, as the system dictates the occurrences within the society. Handling present day security challenges can no longer be totally dependent on traditional methods where the security forces handle situations alone. There must be adoption of ways through which strategic prevention of crime and conflicts are put in place rather than find ways to arrest or cure conflict when it breaks out. This is a new model adopted in the security sectors of different parts of the world today particularly on internal security issues, this is known as the Comprehensive Approach Concept (CAC).

For a better society, everyone must understand that they have a part to play and a role to assume in order to bring peace in the society. The key is to work on intensifying the enlightenment of other tracks within the society that could simultaneously contribute to Peace building within those societies. The goal is to engage different tracks, to collaborate, train and generally to build peace within the society and also produce citizens as groups, organizations or individuals, who have the burning desire to fix their society; where the hope of years to come is built around them to uphold patriotism, foster peace and unity, irrespective of tongue, tribe and religion, understanding that the future lies with them and they cannot shirk such responsibilities.


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